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Does anyone have Pam's (in Texas, now...i think?) email address? i thought it was starsprinklez@msn.com, but i never get any response from her. I'm just trying to send her a full slam home and need her current address.... I have a full deco for Heather, Beckie, and....i have packages coming soon.


I don't know pam's e-mail but I swap with her so you are welcome to send me anything to return to her when ever you write.
I can also return to Heather.
Thanks! I really appreciate it! How many decos can you take by the way? swap-wise? I thought you said something about 10, but if you're busy, and that's changed... let me know! xoxoxo
under 20 decos is good,
tapeless are good as well,
and slams send as many as you want to.