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welcome back me!

yay... i've been missing in action, huh? well, i have a cold, but i only just got it about last weekend, so... I've been busy putting shit on etsy right and left. my newest endeavor includes a friend of mine i've made on flickr.com. He did some multi-media collage art and is sending them to me to sell. He also comes up with AWESOME product descriptions... He also designed my AWESOME LJ icon you see now. Before you think i've lost my effin mind, YES, i'm still with jim, Jim and I are still engaged. Jim and I have a great relationship where i can have guy friends. besides, Kenneth is a great friend and he doesn't even live in the same state i do. we're '80s toy swapping friends through flickr. not that anyone remotely cares. do you want an update, or what? i'm PMSing and in the mood to speak my mind. haha!

in other news, please take some slams from me....please...i love them, and i need more, always, but i have tons to get rid of... if you're in the mood for excess and willing to swap the same amount in return, because i'm a greedy slam whore, then please let me know and i will gladly put a lovely swap together for you.

Jodi! i love you! i swear to you i KNOW how badly i suck ass, but i have a package for you and even some addy labels i made for you. i'm trying my best to get on top of shit, i really am. please don't think i have forgotten about you.

Annalise! I love you, too! I love my tiki mugs, Badtz-Maru notebook, and your decos always win my smiles! I have some things for you, too, including your AWESOME pink dinosaur! I'm SO proud of you and your new job! kick ass with your beautiful self!

Ribbon! no, i know none of you are named ribbon, i'm not THAT dumb. I have some extra vintage ribbon that I may or may not ever use. yard sales and thrifts have been nice to me these days.

Courtney! i love your photos! i'm SOOOOOOO fucking proud of you for doing the tour guide book of Utica! In fact, i'm proud of ALL my creative friends that continue to amaze me everyday and make me semi-jealous...in a nice "awe, that's cool, why can't I do that?" kind of way!

hmmmmm, too much coffee for me. i hate this time of month. if i don't drink some coffee and motivate myself to do something, i just sit here and hate myself and put myself down. Stupid woman thing!

i'm currently working on necklaces with those '80s gumball machine plastic charms. i have a devil, some skulls, a couple guns, etc... i've made two so far. you can see them on my flickr account. username: eightiessynthpopfan

or, i can put a pic here...ha!

are my packages starting to suck or something? or, do people just not want to reply to nice things? i'm confused.


feel free to send me slams :)
i can you some too and i also just got bombarded with decos (i HATE decos) so if you want those... i can send you those too.
Hey, you owe me a swap anyway, don't you ^^? So here's where all the slams go ;-))! I don't have many left right now I think, after sending out 4 fat swaps lately.

Yay for Adam Ant :D!! I have no idea if hs ass is still sexy but he sure was an 80s babe!
hey Jodi & i will send you a joint slam swap and just send us a joint package of the stuff you have for us in return! thanks!

Oh yeah, you never added me girl! It's Lioba from Germany :). Welcome back anyway ^^.
I'm glad you like the goodies I sent. I can't wait to hear from you! I'm cutting down on swapping so I can only take 3 decos and 3 slams. I hope you don't mind. :D