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doing some research

....falling madly in love with the WORD steampunk....as i was perusing the Treasury on etsy.com....so...because i'm not in any way hip on fashion, i looked up the word on ask.com. wow. i LOVE it! Such a great term for such fun stuff. by the way, i just joined this community called mylife_onceaday. It's a photography community involving people having to take one photo per day of something significant that happened in their lives, or how their day went. i'm loving it, so far. anyway, i got some embroidery floss from my mom today. she has 6 plastic containers full and didn't mind giving me some. she also gave me needles. yay! i can't wait to get started on more pin cushions... woohoo! so, i got a pedicure today...yeah, i'm so girly...NOT. i chose pink, yes a BARBIE ass looking pink. everyone knows i usually don't like pink that much, because of a certain bitch who loves pink more than words can say and best friend stealing whore...but hey... they turned out cute, and who am i to hold a grudge against someone i've always thought never liked me anyway? HA! so, i have a pack of lavender to start making lavender sachets. i'm still having problems with pricing though... i really DON'T want to charge people 6 million dollars for a pin cushion. i mean, i realize this shit is handmade, but damn... some people are charging $30 for a wallet that's really not that big at ALL... I guess i'm a cheap ass.

anyway, below is a steampunk watch. to me...i guess the definition would have to be something like, Victorian, steam locomotive fashion with a gothy and punkish feel to it. i'm very intrigued indeed. *sigh* yet another obsession i can't afford, nor do i need...