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July 12th, 2008

I'm so opinionated...

but, at least i'm being honest. I took a photo of me flipping off the tv in my bedroom. The person on the tv was Barack Obama. here it is... http://www.flickr.com/photos/10216094@N07/2658989901/

Basically, I don't like the way he gives me the feeling of he's not really answering questions. He's just giving us the run-around. It is SO NOT because of his race! Why is it people automatically think you're racist if you don't want to vote for Obama???? Believe me, long before i met jim, i dated a black guy, and i dated a guy from India. what difference does it make what race you are if you want to run for president? not a whole lot in my book. times are different now and i'm very open minded. if a Hispanic person, Asian person, WHOMEVER wanted to run for president, then who cares? It is the simple fact that i don't get what Obama wants to "CHANGE." He never seems to say what he wants to change in his speeches. To be quite honest with you, I'd love it if Hilary Clinton became president. Not because she's a woman, but because she REALLY has experience and really seems to KNOW what she's talking about. So, this person put some snotty little comment under my photo...i just sort of laughed. I don't care what he/she thinks. It IS THEIR opinion, after all. It's sort of like the color pink to me. I hate it some days, but on others, I'm like, "damn, that looks COOL in pink." I'll admit, I don't like certain characters that others like in snail mail land, but I RESPECT others for their opinions of that character. Just like I would like to have the same respect in return for say...NOT liking someone whose actions i don't agree with. it is as simple as that. I've studied enough about Obama to know that I don't like what he's about. Then again, I don't like McCain, either, so we're fucked either way in my meaningless opinion. So, I'm sorry if I offend, but remember...it's my opinion, and I'd respect you for yours.