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Jul. 12th, 2008

I'm so opinionated...

but, at least i'm being honest. I took a photo of me flipping off the tv in my bedroom. The person on the tv was Barack Obama. here it is... http://www.flickr.com/photos/10216094@N07/2658989901/

Basically, I don't like the way he gives me the feeling of he's not really answering questions. He's just giving us the run-around. It is SO NOT because of his race! Why is it people automatically think you're racist if you don't want to vote for Obama???? Believe me, long before i met jim, i dated a black guy, and i dated a guy from India. what difference does it make what race you are if you want to run for president? not a whole lot in my book. times are different now and i'm very open minded. if a Hispanic person, Asian person, WHOMEVER wanted to run for president, then who cares? It is the simple fact that i don't get what Obama wants to "CHANGE." He never seems to say what he wants to change in his speeches. To be quite honest with you, I'd love it if Hilary Clinton became president. Not because she's a woman, but because she REALLY has experience and really seems to KNOW what she's talking about. So, this person put some snotty little comment under my photo...i just sort of laughed. I don't care what he/she thinks. It IS THEIR opinion, after all. It's sort of like the color pink to me. I hate it some days, but on others, I'm like, "damn, that looks COOL in pink." I'll admit, I don't like certain characters that others like in snail mail land, but I RESPECT others for their opinions of that character. Just like I would like to have the same respect in return for say...NOT liking someone whose actions i don't agree with. it is as simple as that. I've studied enough about Obama to know that I don't like what he's about. Then again, I don't like McCain, either, so we're fucked either way in my meaningless opinion. So, I'm sorry if I offend, but remember...it's my opinion, and I'd respect you for yours.

Jun. 9th, 2008

holy moly

yeah, so i can't complain about Michael's Arts and Crafts, but why does it seem like everything I want is NOT on sale...ever? hee hee! ah well... I found some really elaborate, fabric-covered brads today, and damn, i never knew Martha Stewart had such a fun craft line. I got these four rolls (in one pack) of sticky ribbon...i love things that are pre-stick-o-fied. new word! I got some paper, a bunny rubber stamp, a lower-case typewriter font alphabet stamp set, a Chinese dragon stamp, and some glittery alphabet stickers...all under $50. i love it when stamps are 40% off and i have money! ha! money... hmmm...what else? I got the most amazing postcard from Courtney today! i love that photo of the asylum!!!!! it's goin' on my craft room wall..well, one of 'em, anyway. :-) so, since jim said keep it under 50 bucks...i ordered labels from vistaprint...3 sets... oh well...shoot me. they were free, except for shipping! I can't wait for my owl address rubber stamp to get here! eeep! i ordered some round bunny labels for a certain bunny lovin' swapper who sent me the most amazing swap recently. <3 <3 <3 i know, i owe everyone swaps. dot....dot....dot....

in case anyone's interested....there's Hello Kitty stuff...and lots of it-at Michael's Arts and Crafts, now!

so, this is me just being super talkative and sharing my crafty finds... i know, i must sound like i'm showin' off, but i'm not. you know i always share the love with the stuff i buy. :-)

oh yeah! Jim got me tickets to see The Human League! They're coming with ABC, Belinda Carlisle, etc.... AND!!! And, and, AND! The Fixx is coming with The Alarm, and The English Beat! woooooohooooooooooo! i can't wait for both those shows...yay...now, i have to put up with Jim's Dark Lotus...yay... Anyway, the Fixx is my SOUL! I love everything by them!

Jun. 4th, 2008


Does anyone have Pam's (in Texas, now...i think?) email address? i thought it was starsprinklez@msn.com, but i never get any response from her. I'm just trying to send her a full slam home and need her current address.... I have a full deco for Heather, Beckie, and....i have packages coming soon.

May. 29th, 2008


i have a ton of packages ready to go out, it's just the money to send them out. I'll have money soon. I just found out a couple days ago that i'll be getting $320 from some profit sharing thing that I had forgotten all about from way back when i used to work at Wal-Mart. So, they should be mailing the check to my mom's soon. woooooot! i keep having the sneaking suspicion that people are upset with me over something. I'm sorry i haven't had the cash to send out packages, but i definitely do NOT want to give up swapping. i love it, and i always will. anyway, i'm going to see if i can post a link to the rubber stamp i just got off etsy. i sold a couple dvd sets on ebay recently and had money in my paypal account. which, is different from having the money in my hand.

oh well, it won't let me do it, but it's an owl in the middle and around the edges it says Jen Carroll and one the bottom it has my email address. this will definitely save me from having to order so many address labels, as much as i love them. woohoo.

May. 9th, 2008

welcome back me!

yay... i've been missing in action, huh? well, i have a cold, but i only just got it about last weekend, so... I've been busy putting shit on etsy right and left. my newest endeavor includes a friend of mine i've made on flickr.com. He did some multi-media collage art and is sending them to me to sell. He also comes up with AWESOME product descriptions... He also designed my AWESOME LJ icon you see now. Before you think i've lost my effin mind, YES, i'm still with jim, Jim and I are still engaged. Jim and I have a great relationship where i can have guy friends. besides, Kenneth is a great friend and he doesn't even live in the same state i do. we're '80s toy swapping friends through flickr. not that anyone remotely cares. do you want an update, or what? i'm PMSing and in the mood to speak my mind. haha!

in other news, please take some slams from me....please...i love them, and i need more, always, but i have tons to get rid of... if you're in the mood for excess and willing to swap the same amount in return, because i'm a greedy slam whore, then please let me know and i will gladly put a lovely swap together for you.

Jodi! i love you! i swear to you i KNOW how badly i suck ass, but i have a package for you and even some addy labels i made for you. i'm trying my best to get on top of shit, i really am. please don't think i have forgotten about you.

Annalise! I love you, too! I love my tiki mugs, Badtz-Maru notebook, and your decos always win my smiles! I have some things for you, too, including your AWESOME pink dinosaur! I'm SO proud of you and your new job! kick ass with your beautiful self!

Ribbon! no, i know none of you are named ribbon, i'm not THAT dumb. I have some extra vintage ribbon that I may or may not ever use. yard sales and thrifts have been nice to me these days.

Courtney! i love your photos! i'm SOOOOOOO fucking proud of you for doing the tour guide book of Utica! In fact, i'm proud of ALL my creative friends that continue to amaze me everyday and make me semi-jealous...in a nice "awe, that's cool, why can't I do that?" kind of way!

hmmmmm, too much coffee for me. i hate this time of month. if i don't drink some coffee and motivate myself to do something, i just sit here and hate myself and put myself down. Stupid woman thing!

i'm currently working on necklaces with those '80s gumball machine plastic charms. i have a devil, some skulls, a couple guns, etc... i've made two so far. you can see them on my flickr account. username: eightiessynthpopfan

or, i can put a pic here...ha!

are my packages starting to suck or something? or, do people just not want to reply to nice things? i'm confused.

Mar. 31st, 2008



up for grabs

i have a ton of old childrens' books that i'm finished with cutting pictures out of. if anyone is interested in them for your own artwork, please let me know, and i can include them with your next swap. even though i've cut quite a bit out of some, some still have lots of stuff to choose from. thanks. :-)

Mar. 27th, 2008

playing around with Photobucket

The first images of each image were taken today, and are the originals...the rest i was just playing around with...by the way...will someone please tell me how to do that "under the cut" thing with photos? i'm lost...

Mar. 26th, 2008

Foamy the Squirrel says how i feel at times...

doing some research

....falling madly in love with the WORD steampunk....as i was perusing the Treasury on etsy.com....so...because i'm not in any way hip on fashion, i looked up the word on ask.com. wow. i LOVE it! Such a great term for such fun stuff. by the way, i just joined this community called mylife_onceaday. It's a photography community involving people having to take one photo per day of something significant that happened in their lives, or how their day went. i'm loving it, so far. anyway, i got some embroidery floss from my mom today. she has 6 plastic containers full and didn't mind giving me some. she also gave me needles. yay! i can't wait to get started on more pin cushions... woohoo! so, i got a pedicure today...yeah, i'm so girly...NOT. i chose pink, yes a BARBIE ass looking pink. everyone knows i usually don't like pink that much, because of a certain bitch who loves pink more than words can say and best friend stealing whore...but hey... they turned out cute, and who am i to hold a grudge against someone i've always thought never liked me anyway? HA! so, i have a pack of lavender to start making lavender sachets. i'm still having problems with pricing though... i really DON'T want to charge people 6 million dollars for a pin cushion. i mean, i realize this shit is handmade, but damn... some people are charging $30 for a wallet that's really not that big at ALL... I guess i'm a cheap ass.

anyway, below is a steampunk watch. to me...i guess the definition would have to be something like, Victorian, steam locomotive fashion with a gothy and punkish feel to it. i'm very intrigued indeed. *sigh* yet another obsession i can't afford, nor do i need...

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