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Mar. 25th, 2008

busy with felt

So, yesterday I got my new desk set up in my creation room. I guess that's what I'll call it...a creation room, or perhaps creative room. I guess craft room just sounds so grandma-ish. haha! So, I ripped open a new pack of felt squares i got from the DAV thrift store a while back. I started cutting up pieces. I came up with: a bunny design, black circles that I am going to use for something special in the way of pin cushions-top secret right now!, a skull design, a whale, an owl (which is my very first piece and that i'm making for myself just to see what it it looks like, it's also almost finished, I just need to get some polyfil from my mom's tomorrow...), a rocket ship, a heart, a cupcake, and there are SO many more ideas I have, that I haven't cut out yet......for pin cushions. anyway, i have a couple different designs for wallets in my craft books Bizaar Bizarre, and Alternacrafts. I'm also toying with the idea of lavender sachets for keeping clothing smelling awesome in yo' dresser drawers! ...only not with felt. For those i need to use cotton fabric, so that the sachet can breathe out its yumminess. for that, i'll need to go to Youth Challenge and buy some old shirts for 50cents a piece and cut out heart designs and whatever else designs i may desire.

thrifting and big lots over the weekend-

I found a few different packs of those awesome moulding strips for decos at Big Lots. yay...
I found a couple packs of origami paper at the DAV on Warwick Blvd. One pack has just plain different colored paper, and the other has plain paper, a couple sparkley sheets, a sheet of stickers, and Tom and Jerry paper! how cool is that? hee!
Also found a piece of vintage fabric that i put in my etsy shop. it's green and white and thick, and oh so polyester.
Traded 2 new release movies that suck to Art at the flea market for 20 antique postcards. yeah, i'm crazy, but No Country for Old Men SUCKED so much ass... I mean really...how can you just be talking about something and have a movie just END for no reason. It seems like most Academy Award winning films are artsy fartsy and just plain confusing to dumb asses like me. Also, 30 Days of Night...terrible....just terrible...
anyway, the postcards are fun. some are photos of Panama, Greece, Japanese art, and Cuba. yay me.

oh yeah.......my desk was a thrifted find, too. It was only $12.99 at DAV and it sits up pretty tall, which is good, cuzz i'm not 3 feet tall. ha... anyway, the side of it (i could turn it right or left, cuzz there's no wall-like thingy on the back of it to keep me from sticking my thunderous legs under it...) has this shelf built into it on the outside! I LOVE IT! It was like it was MEANT to be a crafting desk. Anyway, the shelves inside were all busted out by its previous owner (i am SO taking this from Junky to Funky! anyone ever watch that show?), but jim's mom has a shelf at school that jim can saw the shelves out of and screw them into mine so i have shelves to use. yay. if not, they're slightly taller than fabric bolts, and when i finally learn how to do it on the machine, i can store fabric bolts in it...if i don't shelve it all out.

be on the look-out for...

groovy, retro, vintage, or vintage-style contact paper for the top of my desk. there are enough cup marks on the desk to make me think the previous owner(s) were way into coffee or tea, and they left rings all over the damn thing....now, i want some fun contact paper for the top...maybe. i'm gonna keep checking the thrift stores...

thanks for reading this massive, pointless post about what i love best...

Mar. 21st, 2008

i did it!

From the advice of Jodi, I've set up an etsy mini and (maybe that wasn't her EXACT advice, but keep reading. haha!) pasted it to a myspace page that I've created today with hopes of selling my crap. yay me. p.s. I'm high on iced tea, coffee, and creative juices. i'm a nerd... anyway...check it out and please add me as yo' friend-diggity.

Find me on MySpace and be my friend!

Mar. 20th, 2008

this is the down low

Okay, so I've been working my ASS off trying to get letters written. This is who I've gotten swaps all ready for:

Jodi (working on your letter now)
Courtney (like THREE packages! still need to work on your letter.)
Sarah S.

working on letters to, but have not gotten swaps ready for:

Lauren R.

slam swaps I need to work on as soon as I get more slams:

Sarah Q.
Nicole M.

I think that's it for right now. whew. I've been keeping myself busy writing this entire week. you'd be proud of me. =)

Mar. 17th, 2008


selling things by the yard on etsy?

Does anyone have any idea how to go about keeping a listing up after selling something? For example, i have a TON of ribbon that i got at the flea market over the weekend for only $5 for the ENTIRE box and the box was HUGE (lace trim, too)! Anyway, whenever you sell something on etsy, i thought that the listing just disappears, right? but, if i have something to sell by the yard (fabric, ribbon, trim, etc...), then how do i go about keeping the UP in my shop? I sent an email to them and asked them, but haven't received a response yet. Well, it could be because it's the weekend and maybe they don't have anyone working to answer questions over the weekend...or they're just always swamped with questions??? I hope i don't have to keep re-listing something i have literally 25-50 yards of! ya know? i know it's a mere 20cents for each listing, but that can REALLY add up if i have a LOT of one item to sell... if i can't get an answer from anyone on their staff, i'm going to ask some people with shops how THEY do it...

Mar. 16th, 2008

another kidney infection

I had to go to the emergency room last night. i had started to feel that twinge in my left side, where i had the kidney infection before...about 4 years ago, in 2003. anyway, i started to feel that around thursday night, and i woke up yesterday morning and it hadn't gone away. by lunch time yesterday, it hurt REALLY bad. I called Jim and asked him if he was perhaps getting off early. he was, so i somehow managed to drive to the tow yard and he drove and we picked his mom up. she'd been wanting to go to Target for about two weeks and i wasn't going to deny her that, even though i was in serious pain. so, we went, and i used her wheelchair while she used the fancy electric carts they have. then, jim wanted to take us out to dinner. we went to Anna's like we always do, but i put one little bite of bread in my mouth and it took me forever to chew and swallow it. They ended up getting the rest of their food to go. we dropped off his mom at home, our Target stuff too, and then Jim drove me to the ER. I was hooked up to an I.V. for fluids because i couldn't eat, and was given a Vicodin (sp?) for pain. So, i have a lovely prescription for Vicodin (but i'm definitely going to get the generic prescription to save money) and Cipro...or is it Sipro. Anyway...i feel a lot better, except for this migraine. argh...

Mar. 11th, 2008


Now that me PMSing and being totally down on myself and crying and just being MISERABLE is over...................at least until NEXT month.....

Saturday was fun. Jim and I went to the flea market and Art had a bunch of vintage postcards in a huge rubberband. i loved them all, and most of them were from the Buffalo, NY area. I keep hoping one day i'll find some from Utica, like what Courtney found on ebay, but no luck. Then, he had a binder about 3/4 full of a LOT of old film stars, and he even had on old black and white one of (most of them WERE black and white) Sally Field. he wanted mostly $2 a piece for them, though, and yeah, i know, that's the collector's price, but i wanted ALL of them. dammit. hee! before leaving the flea market i was able to find a 2 set single 45 by the Cure for only a dollar. Thanks, Jim! yay! It has Killing an Arab, etc... So, we go over to Youth Challenge, only the coolest thrift store EVER, and I find four vintage childrens books to cut up for decos, etc. I also found this most lovely ceramic dinosaur that looks like you can put a plant in it, cuzz the opening is so big. It screamed Annalise's name! It's yours! I need to find a box for it to go in and pack it super well, so it doesn't break. it will go out with your next swap. here's a pic!

So, i was perusing the books upstairs, and jim puts his hand on a record, pulls it out, and low and behold it's the 'Til Tuesday record i'd been wanting! HOW does he do it?! He's psychic like that, i swear! just Friday, i was watching the Voices Carry video on youtube, since no one had it the moment i wanted to download it. so, i got out of youth challenge with 4 books, a record, and that awesome dinosaur for only $2! i love that place... this entire week i'm dedicating to my craft room so that i can get a small table or desk of some sort from (hopefully) Youth Challenge thrift. I fell in love with this cute little record cabinet that opens from the top, but i don't have any room for it. dammit... if only i had some space for it. it was adorable. so today, i worked on putting up a ton of pull-out posters from Star Hits magazine from the '80s. i bought about 40 or so, from this man i used to work with at Wal-Mart about 2 years ago. They have songs in them, with the lyrics, band pix (sometimes, and sometimes not), and sometimes they're a half a page, and sometimes an entire page. i have a ton of songs i love up on my walls right now, which was something i was planning on doing, anyway, for a really long time. I took some pix, like anyone cares. haha! here are a couple...

i'm extremely proud of the big ass Thompson Twins poster! it warms my heart. haha! i'm so lame! there are a few pix of jim i took, too... i love my andy warhol postcard, of him with a wig on, all dolled up like a lady. haha! Simple Minds, Depeche Mode, Ultravox, Psychedelic Furs, you KNOW it!

Howard Jones, Siouxsie Sioux, Robert Smith, Love and Rockets, Corey Hart, Depeche Mode. My shelf (the gaping hole just means that my $3 Rainbow Brite I thrifted fell off, cuzz she's too big!) has my owl candle holder i thrifted a long ass time ago, vintage cat playing card set of two i got from a yard sale, the Blythe doll postcards...well, i put up one in the center to cover up the country-esque-ness of the heart in the wood, then decided to put up more, Rainbow Brite's friend Patty O'Green from the flea market, Zipper Cat from the Get Along Gang (only one of my FAVORITE cartoons from the '80s that NOBODY seems to remember but me!) i thrifted that's STILL in the box and has a set of puffy stickers that came with it, a plastic E.T. whose neck pulls up and down, my Badtz-Maru plastic container from that Korean yard sale last year that jim got me, my ferris wheel music "box", that when you turn it a certain way it winds up and plays a song-thrifted from DAV in Williamsburg, and an antique thrifted camera....whew...

Mar. 5th, 2008

(no subject)

I've been feeling rather blah lately. I mean, i've done a bunch of slams, but nothing that great. I can't, for the life of me, find my stapler, so i've been punching holes in paper and using hemp cord to fasten my slams. haha! Either that, or brads... Yesterday, however, i finally sold 2 things that i made, on etsy. yay! I sold two of my mini covered composition books. I couldn't believe it. The day before that, I sold a rubber stamp, and not long ago, a piece of vintage fabric i was unable to sell on ebay.

Jim is going to be starting trucking school on the 17th. It runs 'til May 9th, and is from 4pm-11:30-12-ish. He'll still be working during the week, but only loading 3 containers on average. I'll have to drive his mom to school, since he'll be going to school late every day during the week, and hopefully getting enough sleep. I of course, couldn't help but feel a little twinge of jealousy, because i'm the complete failure who never finished art school. my excuse being, "why can't I take classes i WANT to take? If i'm not planning on majoring in drawing, why are you fuckers making me draw?" so, instead of the normal one month with no sex, it'll be TWO. yippee! can't you just SEE my sarcasm? No, i love jim, and i want him to get his CDL (Commercial Drivers' License). And hey, his boss wrote him a check and gave him cash for his books and everything. It must be nice to have someone like that who believes in you.

A friend wrote me a message on myspace, and i wrote her back, but haven't heard from her since. does this mean she doesn't want to be friends anymore? the status on the message said "read", so she's definitely read it. i miss her and him both. :-(

so, i can't say that i've done anything super spectacular lately, other than put stuff off, like writing letters. i know i should write, but i just don't. i'm definitely down with still writing to people, but i just sometimes can't bring myself to do it. i know i'm still down with swapping... ah...

Feb. 23rd, 2008

how many decos is too many?

I've been actually making a lot of decos lately, and I was wondering how many the people I swap with would like to receive at once? I don't want to bombard (sp?) anyone. Please let me know. hugs and lovin's.

p.s. I found some awesome Calico vintage ribbon at the Peninsula Rescue Mission thrift shop when i went back today to look and see if they still had the coat i wanted to get for Courtney. It was only 10cents and must have EASILY, 10-15 yards on it! I'm sharing the love! :-) They didn't have Courtney's coat though. :...-( I guess i waited too long. I'm sorry...

Feb. 21st, 2008

cute stuffs

Wow, I guess it's been a while since I've posted anything. I got my ric rac shaped brads in today, that i decided to buy from etsy.com. They're so CUTE! I have tiny ones and a couple huge ones. i love the idea of one long metal piece, and i want more like that. Reminds me of the long metal piece of whatever it was that Milly used on my fairy deco she returned to me. I also got my 10 rolls of kawaii cuteness deco tape from Thailand today, that jim ordered me for Valentine's day. I strategically removed the Hello Kitty ones and placed them into Courtney's package. I got my triangle brads yesterday...

Here's my new list of obsessions i'm looking for and you'd better BELIEVE i'm going on a Michael's arts and crafts store spree when i receive my tax refund...

-owl ribbon...does it exist? i can't seem to find any...
-robot ribbon, robot deco tape, and robot anything...
-more brads that are not your basic round ones...
...especially ginormous ones that can be painted...
-ummmmm...i'm good for now...i really want some dinosaur books, old ones, to make miss annalise a dinosaur deco with...

so, yeah...i'm getting back $934 and am paying my car payment ahead for two months, once i receive my check...i told jim i only want to take $50 and spend it at the craft store, but...he says to use $100, that i deserve it and THAT'S a spree, not $50...i'm like,...okay. :-)

ummm, so...once i get this horrible hair cut, i'm looking for a part time job. sitting at home sucks sometimes.

Feb. 13th, 2008


i keep wondering why i get pissed whenever jim bids on stuff on ebay. why should i be upset? he's ordering me the coolest Transformers deco tape EVER, and some cool brads too, for Valentine's Day. i think it just upsets me when he doesn't TELL me he's bid on something. he mentioned in the past that he didn't think he had to TELL me about everything he bid on. Well, we live together, so it'd be nice to know...ya know? is it asking too much of him to at least say, "hey, i'm bidding on this shirt lot on ebay. wanna see?" He has the MOTHERLOAD of Insane Clown Posse stuff. Ask me how many Erasure t-shirts i have. one. I've been to ONE show and have ONE t-shirt. His favorite band and my favorite band are like night and day. I guess the fact that he doesn't pay for the things he really SHOULD be paying for, and i'm not talking about stuff for me...and he's bidding on MORE shirts. argh...

p.s. it must be nice to live with someone who doesn't have a million and one aches and pains and actually HAS sex more than once a month. Maybe i'm sounding too needy, or bitchy, or maybe i'm just plain mean and need to realize that he's in pain and can't always give me hot lovins when i want it, but dammit...

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